Part 3. Hallelujah! There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Tasked with ONCE AGAIN having to locate a builder, I determined that I might as well reach for the stars and try needling one of the largest home building companies in town. Maybe, just maybe, I could extract from them the name of one good, reliable subcontractor who could finally get us through the last few hurdles (I say “few”, but it felt like HUNDREDS) to complete our home renovation.

Well, my friends, it didn’t work …. exactly. Albeit I called a number of times and left message after message, no one from this company would return my calls. So, what then did I do? I turned to my husband and instructed him to reach out to the company. And after having left just one single message, guess what happened next? Yup, he got a return call almost immediately from the owner, himself. Apparently, this is still a man’s world (Grrrrrrr)! In any event, this individual was kind enough to bestow upon my husband the name of a “good, reliable” subcontractor whom he often utilized on his builds. My husband promptly called this subcontractor and scheduled a meeting. Needless to say, the meeting went well, and we are finally on track to having our home completed in the coming weeks. Can I hear an “Amen”!!!!!!

Pictures to follow.


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