Part 1. From “Yay” to “Ugh” and Everything In-Between

Have you ever decided one day that a good home renovation is what you need to fully enjoy your home (and your life)?  Let me tell you – I have!  I purchased a home more than two years ago and thereafter felt certain that while the home had great “bones”, it needed a refresh to bring it up-to-date and aligned with my personal aesthetics.  Oh, the pandoras box I was opening – had I only known!  

With finances sorted, I began reaching out to various contractors in my area (and let me tell you, in Roswell, NM, one’s options are limited).  Perhaps what surprised me the most about this endeavor, however, was how FEW contractors would return my calls, or the even fewer who bothered to show up at our predetermined meeting.  

Surely contractors need jobs to support their business????  Apparently not!  

I was cordial, courteous, I wasn’t asking for the sun and the moon, and most importantly, I was not going to haggle (boy, do I wish I had had the backbone at that time to haggle)!!!  Finally, one contractor reached back out to me! Thank you, Lord!!!!  And then came the bid – it was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!  I knew he was good, as he had built a friend’s home and had done so beautifully, but I simply felt that this could not be a fair assessment of the cost to complete the renovations I had requested.  I mean I’ve watched a TON of HGTV (i.e., Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, etc…), this is not the price the homeowners on those shows pay, and those homes are literally taken down to the studs and then completely rebuilt.  

Unable to swallow (much less pay for) the exorbitant cost reflected in the sole bid I had received, and totally incapable of haggling to lower the bid, I confidently determined that it couldn’t be that hard to manage the remodel myself (again, thank you HGTV – I say that with absolute sarcasm).  I mean, all I needed to do was parcel out the project to a few subcontractors (thereby cutting out the cost of the middleman/the contractor) and VOILA, my dream home would magically come together.  Oh, how wrong I was!!!!! 

…. more to come tomorrow!

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