Before and After Bathroom Pics!

Kids Bath










Everyone, I am literally OBSESSED with Tadelakt plaster.  This is a Moroccan plaster that is waterproof and let me tell you, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I’m so obsessed, that I have every wall (minus the ceilings and the powder room) in each-and-every one of my bathrooms covered in this material.  While the pictures do not do it justice, please take my word for it that it is beautiful!  As for the countertop in this bathroom, I used Calacatta Lincoln marble with integrated sinks made of the same material.  The marble has really pretty, yet subtle, veining.  I’m not sure though that marble was the best idea, given that this is the kids’ bath.  Well, we’ll see what it looks like in another year!! 

As for the fixtures, I splurged (a lot)!  I went with Waterworks, in particular their Dash line, and used these fixtures throughout the entire house.

More pics, below.










Master Bath









Ugh, let me tell about the original master bath.  It was a huge undertaking, given the complete lack of natural light, as well as the horrid plastic-like black and white tiles covering what seemed like every inch of this bathroom.  I also did not like that fact the the toilet was not in a water closet, which is just a preference for me.  To solve the issue of no natural light, I had a massive window installed.  The problem was, I didn’t tell my husband beforehand and let me tell you folks, this window abuts the very front entrance of our home.  Well, he was not happy.  Also, I knew that, invariably, we’d forget to pull the drapes before bathing, thereby exposing ourselves to um just about anyone walking up to our front entrance.  So, to solve this issue, I opted to have smart glass installed in the window.  This is a game changer!!!!  I can’t explain all the intricate details behind how this glass works, but I only have to flip a switch (which is on the same plate as my light switches) and BAM, my glass goes completely opaque and no one can see either in or out.  Surprisingly, even with the glass turned on, natural light still envelopes the room.  I would highly recommend this type of glass if anyone needs privacy but doesn’t want to be bothered with drapery.  

Additionally, I took a small chunk out of my closet, which allowed for a water closet – YES!!!!

And like the other bathrooms, this too is covered in Tadelakt plaster. Thus, no wall tiles!!!!!

As for the countertop, I went with Indian Black Soapstone and also had the integrated sinks fabricated in this same material.  This is a very neutral material, but also has enough veining to keep it interesting.  

More pics, below.









Powder Room












For the powder room, the fully integrated sink is constructed of the same material used in the kids’ bath – Calacatta Lincoln marble.  The benefit to having to purchase an entire slab of a certain material means I had plenty left over to fabricate another sink.  And while I originally opted not to have my walls plastered in this particular room, given the expense of Tadelakt, I’m planning on having plaster applied in this room in the the near future.  I just can’t help myself – I’m OBSESSED with Tadelakt plaster!!



Before Photos by Blush Photography; After Photos by Ashley Vernon Photography


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